[Rhythmbox-devel] G'day folks - new user andpotential developer

G'day folks

I've just started using Rhythmbox after moving from windows. I have been experiencing some issues with the Ipod plug-in. No so much things that don't work, just things that I used to be able to do on winamp with ml_ipod and can't in rhythmbox. Fortunately I see this as a chance to re-connect with my inner geek and add some functionality. I used to code for a living but went over to the dark side and have been in management for way too long.

What I'm looking at doing is adding an autofill option (random songs or random albums) as my ipod (nano) isn't big enough to sync my entire collection. The second thing I would like to do is enhance the podcast functionality. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts so I use podget running in my server to download them overnight then write them to the ipod using rythmbox. Unfortunately this doesn't set the media type so although I can manually add them to the podcast playlist they don't work as proper podcasts. I was thinking of borrowing from ml_ipod and allowing you to set a section of your media library (a folder or set of genres) that contains podcasts and setting the media type appropriately when files are transfered.

If this sort of thing is already in the works I don't want to duplicate effort. I also don't want to take this in a direction other folks don't want to go. If the folks who handle the ipod plug-in hang around on the list, could you let me know if A- this sounds like a good feature to add and B - this isn't something you are already working on? Also, what is the protocol for submitting changes? Should I raise a bug in bugzilla to cover it and submit a patch or is there another prefered way?


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