[Rhythmbox-devel] Let's tag our songs, artists and albums!

Dear devs,

You're all familiar with tags. You type them in, separated by commas and press enter. Then some nice database handles all the cross-referencing.

I cannot unify music into one genre, and I don't like the genre browser.

Using tags instead of genres gives you the following:
It's even backwards compatible! Old genres can simply be auto-created as tags. And the old genre-browser can become a tag browser. BUT! I'd much prefer to have tags implemented directly in the GUI as an omnipresent field, different from the browser view, and more akin the hyperlinks on blogs. Personally, I'd like to tag both songs (eg. according to mood), artists and albums.

Please do share your thoughts. This is suitable as a plugin, that I might do... and not meant as a lazy "please implement this feature".

all the best,
Benjamin Bach

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