[Rhythmbox-devel] [Weekly Report] Week 7: Rhythmbox iPod/MTP Syncing

Good Morning,
This last week I have been working on the iPod implementation. I started by moving a lot of the sync code from RBiPodSource (where it was basically one giant, messy function) into RBiPodPrefs (where it is much cleaner, and more organized). This move resulted in a couple necessary changes to the treeview code (for the Preferences dialog) which basically resulted in me redoing a lot of the treeview code so that it is more robust, and cleaner. While in the treeview code I also added the 'disable if parent is unchecked' functionality. Where if a node's parent is un-checked, the node will be insensitive, and not activatable. A lot of my week last week was spent refactoring code, while moving it from RBiPodSource to RBiPodPrefs.

A few entries from my work-log:
   : Refactored sync function, while moving it into RBiPodPrefs.
: Test the output of the sync lists, to ensure it is generating lists properly : Got it generating the sync lists correctly, and ipod sync basically working : Added generate_ipod_filename_unique, to append numbers for more unique filenames - For example: if we try to sync 'song.mp3' and it already exists, it will save the second one as 'song_1.mp3'
      - Will probably need a bit more work, eventually.
   : Made treeview disable children when un-checked

This coming week I am planning to:
 - Implement Sync Preview
- Set up "automatic" syncing. Need to register a callback, for when the library is updated/ipod is loaded.
 - Put the finishing touches on the iPod Syncing code.

Unfortunately, progress will likely go a bit slower this week, as my mentor is away. Hopefully (as it is mostly finishing up) this week will go smoothly. I would like to implement a better method for transferring playlists, to the iPod, as the current way I am doing it is a bit kludgey. Ideally I would like to have a function something like 'rb_ipod_source_add_playlist_from_entry (RBiPodSource *source, RhythmDBEntry *playlist)'. We will see if I get time to implement that this week. If I don't, I may revisit that during my fudge time in August.


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