Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Update: Full screen plugin

Hi John,

Thanks for writing.

> A few things I did notice, however, that are of concern:
> 1) There is no way to easily exit/close the fullscreen window.  A
> right-click menu and/or another button towards one of the corners of the
> screen would fix this issue quite well, IMO.

For now, alt+f4 is working, but you're absolutely right that a button
should be present somewhere. Your suggestion on the right-click menu
is interesting. If I can find something else to lump in, I will (maybe
a 'lock screen' function). Otherwise a magic button in the corner
seems like the most elegant solution.

> 2) Due to the above, I was forced to 'ALT-TAB' to a terminal window in order
> to close the fullscreen window.  At one point I never closed the window, and
> actually clicked the 'Fullscreen' icon in Rhythmbox again. This produced
> another 'Fullscreen' window, leaving me with two (or more) in my tasklist at
> once.  Limiting the number of windows that can be created would be great.
> 3) I use a dual-monitor setup (with the nVidia binary drivers), and it would
> be nice to see the fullscreen stretch across both of my monitors.  This is
> very much a long-term goal, as working on dual-monitor support is (as I have
> heard from others) very difficult.

Applying 2) to 3) you could spawn a fullscreen window for each screen :)

But I don't really know how to fit the window for multiple screens.
Should it stretch, or should one of the screens simply be blank? What
does a dual screen user expect?

Also, I'm working on better scaling. For now, it looks nice on
1024x768, but maybe it's a bit too small on other screens. On the
other hand it doesn't look nice to scale cover art further, since it
usually doesn't exist in sufficient resolutions.

> Another thing... any way to integrate your 'buttons' from your fullscreen
> implementation into the fullscreen visualisation plugin? Show a
> visualisation in the background, and your buttons overlayed on top of them?
>  If that could happen... I'm sold!

I'll keep it noted. Possibly it could be an option for the display
('OSD mode'), so instead of spawning the interface in a fullscreen
window, it'd put the widgets floating on top.. and a bit smaller. But
I really suspect it's a different use case, that requires quite
seperate code.

- Benjamin

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