[Rhythmbox-devel] Podcast features

Hi all,
As a lot of users over there I love to have a strong media player/organizer that is gnome native. Thanks for it.

I'm a lot on podcasts, I have like 40 minutes every day from home to work and another 40 minutes from work to home. I would love to have a synchronization tool of "only" the podcasts with my mobile-player (I have a Video Ipod, a Mini Ipod and, a YP U3 Samsung). I use more the YP-U3 because the OGG support. But because it use a MTP (UMS) protocol, I can't sync it. Is there any way I can solve this or I have to wait for /write a plugin ?

It would be great also if Rhythmbox will allow me to specify how many episodes of a podcast I want to store, or just allow me to set up something to automatically delete the already listened episodes.

In addition, I have the problem that sometimes Rhythmbox seems to forget that I change the default folder or storing the podcast and download the new episodes in my Music folder. Any suggestions on this problem ?

Thanks again

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