Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Update: Full screen plugin

On 1/27/2009 11:18 AM, Benjamin Bach wrote:
Dear devs,

I didn't get any feedback from my previous mail. But here's an update,
since I changed a few important things:

  - No longer dependent on play-order patch, tested on Rhythmbox from
Ubuntu repos
  - Displays tracks from play queue
  - Unlimited (in theory) tracks and scrolling according to mouse position

I'm really hoping for some kind of feedback, so I can know which
direction this is going in, and if anyone is interested in helping
out, they're more than welcome to contact me.

- Benjamin


Apologies for not providing feedback on the first, initial patch. Personally, I think this is a great feature! I see it as a more 'locked down' version of the party mode.

A few things I did notice, however, that are of concern:
1) There is no way to easily exit/close the fullscreen window. A right-click menu and/or another button towards one of the corners of the screen would fix this issue quite well, IMO.

2) Due to the above, I was forced to 'ALT-TAB' to a terminal window in order to close the fullscreen window. At one point I never closed the window, and actually clicked the 'Fullscreen' icon in Rhythmbox again. This produced another 'Fullscreen' window, leaving me with two (or more) in my tasklist at once. Limiting the number of windows that can be created would be great.

3) I use a dual-monitor setup (with the nVidia binary drivers), and it would be nice to see the fullscreen stretch across both of my monitors. This is very much a long-term goal, as working on dual-monitor support is (as I have heard from others) very difficult.

Overall, great plugin! Fix up the two issues above, and you've got a winner in my book.

Another thing... any way to integrate your 'buttons' from your fullscreen implementation into the fullscreen visualisation plugin? Show a visualisation in the background, and your buttons overlayed on top of them? If that could happen... I'm sold!

Great work!  Keep it up!

John Daiker

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