[Rhythmbox-devel] Compliments and suggestions

Hey there, first I would like to thank you for the wonderful application as I am a recent convert to Linux using Ubuntu. I wanted to comment on some of the features that I think would be useful to implement in rhythmbox that I think would make it awesome'r...

First I have tried most of the other media apps for linux and I think that some of them are good and have usefull features, but I think that the quest for a media player should end upon installing an OS. So I would like to see Rhythmbox offer these right off the get go.

Things I like:

1.) I like the sound juicer-type CD ripping its extremely versatile

2.) Simple well integrated Interface.

3.) Music specific application (no video).

Features I would add:

1.) I like the way Banshee incorporates lastfm scrobbling so that it has recommendations and such...would you consider this functionality.

2.) Another thing that Banshee does is display album art in the album search column which is helpful when looking for tunes, sometimes the album art is associated more strongly with content than the artist's name.

3.) Add the ability to sort by Album Artist not Track Artist. This feature works well for mixed CDs from electronic artists and DJs (Girltalk etc)

4.) Enable icons for podcasts.

5.) Equalizer

6.) stream ripper...

7.) transcoder????

OK not to go over board here but that feature set would be the ideal digital music player in my mind... and I think that it would be beautiful to have this set in rhythmbox off the shelf in Ubuntu...

Thanks for reading


Jay Roth E.I.T.
roth0293 umn edu
Dept. of Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota

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