Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [Final Report] Rhythmbox iPod/MTP Syncing

Hi all,

thanks to Jonathan, Loïc, Paul and Sven ( ) I've finally come over compiling rhythmbox with Paul's patch on a Debian (unstable) package.

The package seems to be 100% correct. However it seems to me that, even if the patch is duly applied, rhythmbox cannot "see" Paul's enanchements when I connect an Ipod. Maybe there is a defined argument to add to ./

However, here below you can find the step-to-step procedure I've tested on 2 different Debian SID as well as a link to the package I've made.

1. install dev libraries and headers in order to solve all required dependencies:

# aptitude install gnome-common dh-make libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev gtk-doc-tools libgconf2-dev libgtk2.0-dev libsoup-gnome2.4-dev libsoup2.4-dev libtotem-plparser-dev libgnome-media-dev libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-gl0.10-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev devscripts

2. ~$ git clone git:// rhythmbox
3. ~$ wget
3. ~$ mv rhythmbox/ rhythmbox-0.12.4-2/
4. ~$ cd rhythmbox-0.12.4-2/
5. ~$ git apply ../sync.diff -v

Checking patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mediaplayerid.h...
Checking patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-device.c...
Checking patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-hal.c...
Checking patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-udev.c...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/ipod-info.ui...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/ipod-ui.xml...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.c...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.h...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-helpers.c...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-helpers.h...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-plugin.c...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.c...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.h...
Checking patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-static-playlist-source.c...
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/mtp-info.ui...
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/mtp-ui.xml...
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-plugin.c...
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.c...
Checking patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.h...
Checking patch sources/
Checking patch sources/rb-media-player-prefs.c...
Checking patch sources/rb-media-player-prefs.h...
Checking patch sources/rb-media-player-source.c...
Checking patch sources/rb-media-player-source.h...
Applied patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mediaplayerid.h cleanly.
Applied patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-device.c cleanly.
Applied patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-hal.c cleanly.
Applied patch lib/libmediaplayerid/mpid-udev.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/ipod-info.ui cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/ipod-ui.xml cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-db.h cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-helpers.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-helpers.h cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-plugin.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.h cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-static-playlist-source.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/ cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/mtp-info.ui cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/mtp-ui.xml cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-plugin.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.c cleanly.
Applied patch plugins/mtpdevice/rb-mtp-source.h cleanly.
Applied patch sources/ cleanly.
Applied patch sources/rb-media-player-prefs.c cleanly.
Applied patch sources/rb-media-player-prefs.h cleanly.
Applied patch sources/rb-media-player-source.c cleanly.
Applied patch sources/rb-media-player-source.h cleanly.

6. ~$ dh_make --createorig -e <username>@<email>.com -n -copyright gpl
7. ~$ ./

At the end you will obtain something like:

configure: Rhythmbox was configured with the following options:
configure: ** Tree database is enabled
configure: ** Multimedia keys support is enabled
configure:    MusicBrainz support is disabled
configure:    iPod integration disabled
configure:    MTP integration disabled
configure:    CD burning support disabled
configure: ** DAAP (music sharing) support is enabled
configure:    libnotify support is disabled
configure:    GUdev support disabled
configure:    Python plugin support disabled
configure:    Vala plugin support disabled
configure:    gnome-keyring support disabled
configure: ** FM radio support enabled
configure: ** iTunes detection browser plugin (for podcasts) enabled
configure: End options
Now type `make' to compile rhythmbox

8. ~$ debuild binary
9. ~$ cd ..
10. # dpkg -i rhythmbox-0.12.4_2_i386.deb

You can find the package that I've prepared on

Hope it helps!!

enjoy, ;)

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