Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [final report] Rhythmbox context pane

> Anyway, I just did some quick tests, and it looks like if we use regular
> gettext _("translatable string") calls in the HTML templates, xgettext
> will correctly extract the strings.  I was thinking this would be much
> more complicated.  There may also be some layout concerns for RTL
> languages, but sadly I know far less about that than I do about
> translation.

RTL languages could be a bit of trouble, but if I can detect when the
current locale is RTL, I could probably just swap out the stylesheet
to another one with the proper formatting.

Another thing I am going to look into is utilizing the language option
of the api. It allows a language to be specified for some of
its calls, so the fetched content could be localized too.

John Iacona

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