Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [final report] Rhythmbox context pane

Il giorno dom, 23/08/2009 alle 21.27 +1000, Jonathan Matthew ha scritto:
> > I just wanted to say that I am so happy that I got this chance to get
> > my feet wet in the wonderful world of OSS development. I am definitely
> > going to continue supporting and improving my plugin and hacking on
> > Rhythmbox. Outside of that, I now know that if I wish software needed
> > some feature or another, I am capable of adding it myself. I already
> > have my eye on a few other pieces of GNOME software that I plan on
> > hacking on.
> Good to hear it.  Thanks for your work so far, and I hope we can look
> forward to seeing the context pane grow more interesting and useful for
> a while yet.

Matthew, there is a thread on desktop-devel list about who is going to
use WebKit in GNOME 2.28 release.

Not strictly related, but could be good notify about its usage in
Rhythmbox too

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