Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [final report] Rhythmbox context pane

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 10:42:33PM -0400, John Iacona wrote:
> During my "final" week I worked on fixing a few more bugs that people
> reported. These bugfixes were mainly cosmetic things but I also added
> a button to toggle the visibility of the panel.
> Since moch recently reported that my project could be going into the
> next release of Rhythmbox, I also began getting things release ready.
> One thing that came up was support for i18n which I had not thought
> about up until now. I did not have a chance to make everything
> translator ready by today, but I will continue working on that and
> should have it completed before the next release.

I really should have brought up the i18n issue sooner.  I think I was
mostly assuming that all the visible content would be externally
sourced, so there wouldn't be anything to translate, but that isn't the

Anyway, I just did some quick tests, and it looks like if we use regular
gettext _("translatable string") calls in the HTML templates, xgettext
will correctly extract the strings.  I was thinking this would be much
more complicated.  There may also be some layout concerns for RTL
languages, but sadly I know far less about that than I do about

> I just wanted to say that I am so happy that I got this chance to get
> my feet wet in the wonderful world of OSS development. I am definitely
> going to continue supporting and improving my plugin and hacking on
> Rhythmbox. Outside of that, I now know that if I wish software needed
> some feature or another, I am capable of adding it myself. I already
> have my eye on a few other pieces of GNOME software that I plan on
> hacking on.

Good to hear it.  Thanks for your work so far, and I hope we can look
forward to seeing the context pane grow more interesting and useful for
a while yet.

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