[Rhythmbox-devel] Libdmapsharing and rhythmbox DAAP

In December of this year, I started maintaining Andre Magalhaes'
libdmapsharing[1]. At the time, I expressed interested in adding DPAP
(iPhoto) support to the library, which had originally been based on code
pulled from rhythmbox. I have now been working on this project for nine
months and would like to report back to this list on my progress.

I have recently submitted a patch[2] to rhythmbox that replaces
rhythmbox's DAAP code with libdmapsharing. The purpose of this is to
reduce the amount of code in rhythmbox, encourage code sharing with other
projects and promote more participation in the DMAP code. Jonathan Matthew
has commented on the patch and I hope to have some other intrepid
rhythmbox users take a look.

Libdmapsharing has also been accepted into GNOME git. Aside from
leveraging the GNOME infrastructure (thank you to the team that supports
this), I am hoping that this will make libdmapsharing more palatable to
GNOME application developers. The project is in GNOME Bugzilla too. I am
working on gtk-doc documentation, available at [3].

So, if you are interested in DAAP (or DPAP, for that matter), please
consider taking a look at libdmapsharing and the libdmapsharing rhythmbox
patch. I would very much appreciate any feedback by email or GNOME



[2] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=566852

[3] http://www.flyn.org/projects/libdmapsharing/docs/index.html

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