Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Fwd: VS: Stop button


Luca Ferretti wrote:
> The lack of stop action seems a frequent request from new users. But
> Rhythmbox is maybe the only application to provide toggle for start/play
> Maybe we could consider a different approach to this issue, for example
> keeping the current Play/Pause toggle in toolbar and providing Play,
> Pause and Stop actions in menus. 

Different approaches might be worth considering especially if it's
evident that the current way produces genuine confusion, as it seems to
have done in this case. On the other hand, just having a stop button
probably wouldn't have prevented the confusion here.

If we had a stop button and you first hit stop, selected a different
source, highlighted a song from that other source (with a single click)
and hit play again, it still wouldn't start playing the track you just
highlighted, because the play, next, previous etc. buttons in Rhythmbox
don't work in relation to what you have highlighted in the list. It
would just start playing the first track from that source (or random
track if you had shuffle on). I think that's where the root of the
confusion is in this case. The controls work in relation to the
currently playing track (and source), not to the track that is
highlighted in the list.

So, if we want to prevent that kind of confusion, we'd need to think
about a different approach to how highlighting and playing tracks relate
to each other. But then, I don't think many other desktop players have a
direct connection between the two either. Personally I don't think we
should have that either.

> Can we use the same shortcut on two items that are mutually exclusive?

I'm not sure if that's a good idea. The result might be confusing
especially if it's not immediately visible from the UI what the shortcut
does. A menu is not always visible so it doesn't help.



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