Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Fwd: VS: Stop button

Il giorno mar, 11/08/2009 alle 10.22 +0100, Bastien Nocera ha scritto:

> Stop buttons are only useful with stupid mechanical devices, such as
> cassette and disc players that continue to consume resources when
> paused.

The lack of stop action seems a frequent request from new users. But
Rhythmbox is maybe the only application to provide toggle for start/play

Maybe we could consider a different approach to this issue, for example
keeping the current Play/Pause toggle in toolbar and providing Play,
Pause and Stop actions in menus. 

Currently we have in Control menu

  [ ] Play    Ctrl+Space

Switching to this entries

  ▶   Play    Ctrl+Space
  ◫   Pause   Ctrl+Space  
  ■   Stop     ???+???

will break current shortcuts :(

Can we use the same shortcut on two items that are mutually exclusive?

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