Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Youtube plugin

Hi Jamie,

I think your plugin is AWESOME (cit.)

I'm testing it on a Rhythmbox 0.12.0 (Ubuntu 9.04) and it works just fine to me.

Since I'm not a coder, I can just help you listing some improvements:

Bug (at least on my linux box):
* when you stop a youtube song, you receive a segmentation fault (I think it is the same error reported by Joe)

(11:26:04) [0x835f408] [rb_shell_player_cmd_play] rb-shell-player.c:2309: play!
(11:26:04) [0x835f408] [rb_shell_player_playpause] rb-shell-player.c:2338: doing playpause
Segmentation fault

Suggested improvements:

1. Add thumbnails of the plugin on the library panel
2. Add username and description of the video (so that you can actually understand if it is a guitar lesson, cover etc..)
3. Add link to the video (eventually, it would be great to open Totem - or other default media player or browser - when you click on the link)
4. Allow to search by user (e.g. if your are interested in someone's speech)
5. Allow to add songs to a playlist (very important, so that you can reduce scanning time and server load)
6. Add thumbnails of the results (as you already said)

Thank you very much for your work: it is saving my days during my holidays (I could not bring all my music with me!)

enjoy, ;)

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