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Hey guys

First of all I love rhythmbox. It's by far the best music player I've ever used, so I was thinking of ways I could help make it even better. Whenever I have friends round to my flat and we're listening to music, eventually somebody will want to play a song which I don't have in my library. Youtube is great for this as there's loads of music on it, but it means pausing rhythmbox and loading up epiphany. And by doing this you can't make a play cue or have it shuffle after playing the chosen song etc. But I figured that totem has a youtube plugin, so why can't rhythmbox.

I'm not exactly a fantastic programmer but I gave it a shot. It's got quite a few bugs I'm aware of, and probably loads more that I'm not, but it's useable, and I think it shows promise.

It's far from complete. I plan on fixing the bugs, tidying up the UI, trying to add thumbnails of the results, and a few more things. But anyway, here's what I've done so far. I think even in its current state it's useful, but I'd love to know what you guys think. Dropping it into ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins should work.



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