Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [weekly report] Week 10 - Rhythmbox Context Panel

Hi Wolfgang,
It sounds like the stylesheet is not being loaded for some reason. Could you run "rhythmbox -D context" and post the output for me?


On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:00 AM, Wolfgang Steitz <wsteitz googlemail com> wrote:
Hi John,

just installed your plugin. A context pane is one of the things i am missing in rhythmbox. So i really hope that this one gets useable and included in rhythmbox. Some comments:
- you mentioned pretty loading screens, i don't see any?!
- why is the font larger than the rest of rhythmbox
- these "read more", "read less" buttons aren't doing anything here
- on the first start the context pane is far too large. it occupies like 2/3 of the rhythmbox window
- the album tab sometimes shows albums without any tracks
- is there anything planned to make the "top songs" clickable. so rhythmbox would play that song if it is in the library. that would be a pretty cool feature

Keep up the good work!


On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:04 AM, John Iacona <plate0salad gmail com> wrote:
This week has been again been devoted to polishing and bugfixing. Some of the cosmetic improvements include pretty loading screens, proper formatting of track and album times, nicer text and image formatting, etc. I also factored all of the styling information out into an external file for greater ease of theming/updating the content.

At this point all that is left to do is track down a few more stubborn bugs and add any extra features that might be useful. I also plan on adding to the plugin development guide on GNOME live to document all of the things I learned throughout this process.

I would really appreciate it if anyone would test it out and give me any suggestions. I have a release of the plugin at Install by extracting into ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins. This plugin requires Rhythmbox 0.12.3 or higher. or

Two additional dependencies are libwebkit with the python-webkit bindings and the mako template engine. These are available in the python-webkit and python-mako packages on Debian based systems.

$ git shortlog --since=7-28-09
John Iacona (7):
      lots of random bugfixes and ui tweaks
      Added nice loading pages for each tab. They do not work quite properly as of yet, however.
      album-tmpl: fixed time formatting, swap 'show all/hide all track' buttons
      removed all styling to /tmpl/main.css
      code formatting
      added more lyric fetching engines because Astraweb seemed to stop working
      album-tmpl: switched to table layout for tracklisting

John Iacona

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