Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Contextual information pane

The document and design looks interesting, definitely a worthwhile project.

Mister Ribble wrote:
One of the first things that came to mind to me was information from the
music genome project (not sure if it's DB is even available...) that
shows "People who like this track generally also like..." with a link to
queue up music from your own collection that is nearby.

There are several plugins available that can look up similar tracks to the one that is playing, according to different criteria. One that I worked on, does a similarity search on (and I plan to support, when they implement that feature) and can also do an acoustic similarity search on your local harddrive.

I use that information to queue the next track, but your information pane could use it to list the 5 most similar tracks that the user has locally.

For the code see:

Let me know if you'd be interested in using it, I'd be happy to put in some work to make the similarity code more independent of the actual queueing.

- eric casteleijn

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