Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Contextual information pane

> There are several plugins available that can look up similar tracks to the
> one that is playing, according to different criteria. One that I worked on,
> does a similarity search on (and I plan to support, when
> they implement that feature) and can also do an acoustic similarity search
> on your local harddrive.
> I use that information to queue the next track, but your information pane
> could use it to list the 5 most similar tracks that the user has locally.

The acoustic similarity search is interesting, I had not thought of
doing something like that. I did have a similar artist/song panel as
one of my optional deliverables (i.e., I'll do it if I have the time).
I'm not sure what most people find more useful. If similarity data is
something that people would like to see, I could make it a priority. I
just didn't prioritize it because it is not a feature that I have used
much in players that have the capability.

> Let me know if you'd be interested in using it, I'd be happy to put in some
> work to make the similarity code more independent of the actual queuing.

If you would like to, that would be great. I can't guarantee that I
will have the time to integrate it but it would definitely make a
useful addition.



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