[Rhythmbox-devel] More Rythmbox

I just started using rythmbox because it has many of the features I
need. However the more I use it the more problems I seem to find.

I am using version 0.11.6 which comes with Fedora core 9.

I started with a small music library of 25 songs. Some of the id3 tags
in my mp3s were not correct so I edited the properties through
rhythmbox thinking that it would fix my id3 tags as well. The
properties were initialized from the id3 tags so it wasn't
unreasonable to assume changing them would also change my id3 tags. No
luck. In fact it removed any id3 tags that existed on my files.

I created a playlist and set it to random shuffle and over the course
of the last few hours I've heard a couple of songs get played two or
three times consecutively. If I wanted to hear the same song over and
over again I would play it over and over again.

I know my hardware playing my music isn't state-of-the-art but through
rhythmbox my music seems to skip (or something like it). When I use
other music players I don't get this skipping.

Rhythmbox has problems with one of my podcasts. It can download some
of the episodes but most fail. Maybe the urls that are failing are too
long? Or maybe the include some characters that need to be escaped or
something?? If I take the URL and wget it from the command line it
works fine so I know the file exists and is reachable.
Here is the URL to the podcast in question:

One last question: Where does rythmbox get the album art it displays
in the lower left corner? I didn't think I included it when I ripped
the files.


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