Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] More Rythmbox

* Mike Chartier (mefron1024 gmail com) wrote:
> I created a playlist and set it to random shuffle and over the course
> of the last few hours I've heard a couple of songs get played two or
> three times consecutively. If I wanted to hear the same song over and
> over again I would play it over and over again.

Can I just check you mean 'random shuffle' and not just random;
Rhythmbox has about 4 different random modes; of which you can select
2 via the gui; random and shuffle; shuffle being selected if you
have both random and repeat on at the same time, random if Random
is selected without repeat.
Random is a weighted random system where you might get repeats;
shuffle you shouldn't - however be careful when it reshuffles; I think
it might do that if you flip it off random or if you select different
artists/albums in the GUI.

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