Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] More Rythmbox

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Mike Chartier <mefron1024 gmail com> wrote:
> I just started using rythmbox because it has many of the features I
> need. However the more I use it the more problems I seem to find.
> I am using version 0.11.6 which comes with Fedora core 9.
> I started with a small music library of 25 songs. Some of the id3 tags
> in my mp3s were not correct so I edited the properties through
> rhythmbox thinking that it would fix my id3 tags as well. The
> properties were initialized from the id3 tags so it wasn't
> unreasonable to assume changing them would also change my
> id3 tags. No luck. In fact it removed any id3 tags that existed on
> my files.

RB has (optional) support for writing ID3 tags, but I don't know if
this is active by default or not in Fedora core 9.  You could also
double check your mp3 files are not read only.

That fact that something has changed suggests RB is editing them.  Why
do you say they have been removed?  Perhaps RB has written valid ID3
v2.4 tags that your other software cannot understand?

> One last question: Where does rythmbox get the album art it displays
> in the lower left corner? I didn't think I included it when I ripped
> the files.

It will look in the folder containing the music for suitably named
images, then on Amazon.  There is code on Bug 345975 to read covers
embedded in the ID3 tags themselves.


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