[Rhythmbox-devel] incorrect format for iPod?: conversion on-the-fly: OGG to m4a in 0.11.5

I tried syncing mp3 albums instead and was hopeful when the first album could be played OK on the iPod after syncing, but other mp3 albums would not play.  Is it something to do with max bitrate that the ipod can handle?  I also had issues where the album artwork is not copied to the ipod when it is automatically downloaded by Rhythmbox.  If I have the folder.jpg file in the album folder then it syncs this to the ipod ok, but it would be nice if rhythmbox took the auto downloaded artwork from ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers (or whatever its called) and added them to albums synced to the ipod.

I copied one of the m4a files from the ipod, that didn’t wotk, to my PC and played it in mplayer and it worked ok.  Mplayer -identify on the file showed it to be a normal 2ch AAC file, but I did not notice the bitrate.

I have not yet tried to transcode my OGGs manually to m4a format and then add them as a new album in Rhythmbox and then sync them to the ipod.


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