[Rhythmbox-devel] Please help me troubleshoot podcast problems

I am trying to download the podcasts at
http://www.acton.org/main/rss.php?l=121 using rhythmbox
rhythmbox-0.11.6-2.fc9.x86_64 on Fedora 9.

I can subscribe just fine, but the downloads fail.

Other podcasts are fine.

When I run rhythmbox with debugging on, I get (in part) the following

        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_source_cmd_download_post] rb-podcast-source.c:1374: Add to download action
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_download_entry] rb-podcast-manager.c:465: Adding podcast episode http://bonhoeffer.acton.org/acton_media/mp3/2008-07-29_Richards.mp3 to download list
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [window_focus_cb] rb-mmkeys-plugin.c:126: window got focus, re-grabbing media keys
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_next_file] rb-podcast-manager.c:595: looking for something to download
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_next_file] rb-podcast-manager.c:621: processing http://bonhoeffer.acton.org/acton_media/mp3/2008-07-29_Richards.mp3
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_download_file_info_cb] rb-podcast-manager.c:691: got file info results for http://bonhoeffer.acton.org/acton_media/mp3/2008-07-29_Richards.mp3
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_download_file_info_cb] rb-podcast-manager.c:709: get_file_info request failed
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_next_file] rb-podcast-manager.c:595: looking for something to download
        (08:33:51) [0x104c520] [rb_podcast_manager_next_file] rb-podcast-manager.c:609: download queue is empty
When I try to download the file using wget with debugging on, I get

        DEBUG output created by Wget 1.11.1 (Red Hat modified) on linux-gnu.
        --2008-09-09 08:45:11--  http://bonhoeffer.acton.org/acton_media/mp3/2008-07-29_Richards.mp3
        Resolving bonhoeffer.acton.org...
        Caching bonhoeffer.acton.org =>
        Connecting to bonhoeffer.acton.org||:80... connected.
        Created socket 3.
        Releasing 0x0000000001c55250 (new refcount 1).
        ---request begin---
        GET /acton_media/mp3/2008-07-29_Richards.mp3 HTTP/1.0
        User-Agent: Wget/1.11.1 (Red Hat modified)
        Accept: */*
        Host: bonhoeffer.acton.org
        Connection: Keep-Alive
        ---request end---
        HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 
        ---response begin---
        HTTP/1.0 200 OK
        Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 15:26:14 GMT
        Server: RealServer
        Content-Type: audio/mp3
        Last-Modified: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 13:00:04 GMT
        Content-Length: 3220077
        ---response end---
        200 OK
        Length: 3220077 (3.1M) [audio/mp3]
        Saving to: `2008-07-29_Richards.mp3'
        100%[================================================================================================================>] 3,220,077    132K/s   in 23s     
        Closed fd 3
        2008-09-09 08:45:38 (138 KB/s) - `2008-07-29_Richards.mp3' saved [3220077/3220077]

<shrug> Looks OK to me.

I looked at the source code at
http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/rhythmbox/tags/RHYTHMBOX-0_11_6/podcast/rb-podcast-manager.c?revision=5804&view=markup and it seems that GNOME VFS is not liking something with the file, but I don't know how to collect more information about the problem.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot the problem?


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