[Rhythmbox-devel] some ideas

i'm using rhythmbox for a long time and i really like it but i have some
ideas for rhythmbox and want to tell them to someone who can mayby
import them to rhythmbox.
i can't write own plugins or something like that, i only have two ideas.

the first: 
what i really need is a grid-view! i love it and it was great if
rhythmbox can do that.

the second: 
i really like to have a big collection of music but i don't want to hear
all the music at the same time. when i didn't use a playlist and play
music it uses the hole collection.
but there are many genres and so on in a mix. i want a management of
playlist where i can drag&drop albums or songs on a playlist. these
playlist shall have a own grid view too!
i want that i can create a playlist named "playlistname" where i can put
my favourites in and want to create a second with favourites of second
genre or something like that.
when i go in this playlist i want to see all music in this playlist in a
with that function i can handle my music for favoute genres and in these
genres my favourite albums.
i don't want to use intelligent playlist where i can sort for genre, i
want to create these playlists myself!
i want to hide some music from the hole collection but want to have a
playlist mayby named "hide" where i can find these music files. these
music shall not be included in the hole collection!

mayby someone can include this to rhythmbox, i think these functions
where useable for other users too but i don't know exactly what to do to
implement them.
i hope u can understand what i mean, mayby i can write my ideas in the
german language to someone who can explain it better!

i hope to get an answer!
thanks alot.


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