Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] some ideas

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:14:09PM +0100, Roman Hubatsch wrote:
> i'm using rhythmbox for a long time and i really like it but i have some
> ideas for rhythmbox and want to tell them to someone who can mayby
> import them to rhythmbox.
> i can't write own plugins or something like that, i only have two ideas.
> the first: 
> what i really need is a grid-view! i love it and it was great if
> rhythmbox can do that.

What is a grid-view?
> the second: 
> i really like to have a big collection of music but i don't want to hear
> all the music at the same time. when i didn't use a playlist and play
> music it uses the hole collection.
> but there are many genres and so on in a mix. i want a management of
> playlist where i can drag&drop albums or songs on a playlist. these
> playlist shall have a own grid view too!
> i want that i can create a playlist named "playlistname" where i can put
> my favourites in and want to create a second with favourites of second
> genre or something like that.
> when i go in this playlist i want to see all music in this playlist in a
> grid-view.
> with that function i can handle my music for favoute genres and in these
> genres my favourite albums.
> i don't want to use intelligent playlist where i can sort for genre, i
> want to create these playlists myself!
> i want to hide some music from the hole collection but want to have a
> playlist mayby named "hide" where i can find these music files. these
> music shall not be included in the hole collection!

Most of this is already possible.  If you have specific problems with the
interface to any of this, then bring them up here or open bugs in bugzilla.

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