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I think the audiobook vs album encoding issue is interesting.

Maybe it could use profiles. I explain:
In the preferences window, you define encoding bitrate and folder for music and for audiobooks.
When you put the cd in and choose to rip it, you're asked if it's an audiobook or music, and rhythmbox encodes it as its best.
Maybe even rhythmbox can guess whether it's an audiobook or an album by itself. I dunno much about audio books, but I guess it's single track so we could assume that single track cds are audiobooks. It's maybe in the tags that you get from musicbrainz.
Joel Dimbernat.
On 5/26/08, Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles dartiguelongue esiee org> wrote:
Le dimanche 25 mai 2008 à 23:51 -0600, Michael Burkhart a écrit :
> Using version 0.11.5 under Ubuntu 8.04.
> Previous CD ripper of choice: Easy CD-DA Extractor for MS-Windows XP.
> ( )
> I like Poikosoft's application, enough that I registered and paid for
> the "professional" version.
> However, I hate Windows with a passion, and I'm trying to convert to
> Linux.  CD ripping was one of the last holdouts, and Rhythmbox has
> almost finished my conversion.
> Almost.
> CD-DA Extractor has several features that aren't included in
> Rhythmbox.  There are only a few that I miss:
> 1.  Select from a list of available album titles.  When CD-DA
> Extractor downloads album titles from, it recognizes that
> sometimes multiple albums may exist under the CD index, and allows me
> the opportunity to select which album I want to use.

afaik, rhythmbox gets its data from musicbrainz which is a
coherent/consistent/user reviewed database. If your CD is badly
recognised I suggest you subscribe there and start editing.

> 1.a.  It also allows me to rescan the database in case my computer was
> not connected to the Internet when I inserted the CD.

not sure what you want exactly here but musicbrainz provide software
that can tag your music by some magic algorithm mix'n'match. I'm told it
works pretty well.

> 2.  Easily select bitrate.  I appreciate that you support multiple
> file types, but I like to rip audiobooks at a different bitrate than
> music.

that can be changed in preferences.

> 3.  Easily select the folder hierarchy.  I like to save differently
> depending on the type of CD I'm ripping.  For example, I like to
> bundle Audiobooks, group artists, and list compilation CDs by album
> title.

I'm sure multiple library's would help here. In the meantime I guess
there is nothing much to do but to use an external ripper. Soundjuicer
which is the default gnome ripper does a good job when you're doing
things outside of rhythmbox.

Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles dartiguelongue esiee org>

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