Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request for Rhythmbox

Le dimanche 25 mai 2008 à 23:51 -0600, Michael Burkhart a écrit :
> Using version 0.11.5 under Ubuntu 8.04.
> Previous CD ripper of choice: Easy CD-DA Extractor for MS-Windows XP.
> ( )
> I like Poikosoft's application, enough that I registered and paid for
> the "professional" version.
> However, I hate Windows with a passion, and I'm trying to convert to
> Linux.  CD ripping was one of the last holdouts, and Rhythmbox has
> almost finished my conversion.
> Almost.
> CD-DA Extractor has several features that aren't included in
> Rhythmbox.  There are only a few that I miss:
> 1.  Select from a list of available album titles.  When CD-DA
> Extractor downloads album titles from, it recognizes that
> sometimes multiple albums may exist under the CD index, and allows me
> the opportunity to select which album I want to use.

afaik, rhythmbox gets its data from musicbrainz which is a
coherent/consistent/user reviewed database. If your CD is badly
recognised I suggest you subscribe there and start editing.

> 1.a.  It also allows me to rescan the database in case my computer was
> not connected to the Internet when I inserted the CD.

not sure what you want exactly here but musicbrainz provide software
that can tag your music by some magic algorithm mix'n'match. I'm told it
works pretty well.

> 2.  Easily select bitrate.  I appreciate that you support multiple
> file types, but I like to rip audiobooks at a different bitrate than
> music.

that can be changed in preferences.

> 3.  Easily select the folder hierarchy.  I like to save differently
> depending on the type of CD I'm ripping.  For example, I like to
> bundle Audiobooks, group artists, and list compilation CDs by album
> title.

I'm sure multiple library's would help here. In the meantime I guess
there is nothing much to do but to use an external ripper. Soundjuicer
which is the default gnome ripper does a good job when you're doing
things outside of rhythmbox.

Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles dartiguelongue esiee org>

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