Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request for Rhythmbox

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From: Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles dartiguelongue esiee org>

afaik, rhythmbox gets its data from musicbrainz which is a
coherent/consistent/user reviewed database. If your CD is badly
recognised I suggest you subscribe there and start editing.

Okay, that's another CD database, one that I wasn't previously aware of.  I'm already familiar with FreeDB and CDDB/Gracenote.  Some things to consider, though, is that the CD-text can repeat (it's only an eight-digit Hex number, IIRC), causing discs with widely differing content showing up in each other's content/song listing.  This isn't a bug within Musicbrainz, FreeDB, CDDB/Gracenote or any other disc indexing repository, it's just the reality of CD indexing.  What I'm asking for (still) is that when there are multiple possible listings for a CD-text, I would like to have a choice of which content list to use (or choose none at all).

Since you brought it up, most CD ripping software I've used in the past allows me to create a content listing for a disc, and upload that list directly to a disc indexing repository.  I don't think it should be necessary for me to subscribe to Musicbrainz, (re)enter the content list, and hope that Rhythmbox picks it up next time I insert the disc.

> 2.  Easily select bitrate.  I appreciate that you support multiple
> file types, but I like to rip audiobooks at a different bitrate than
> music.

that can be changed in preferences.

Yes, I know about Preferences.  I refer to the first word I used in the request: Easily.  Like from a drop-down list in the main interface.  Preferences can still be used to edit the list.

> 3.  Easily select the folder hierarchy.  I like to save differently
> depending on the type of CD I'm ripping.  For example, I like to
> bundle Audiobooks, group artists, and list compilation CDs by album
> title.

I'm sure multiple library's would help here. In the meantime I guess
there is nothing much to do but to use an external ripper. Soundjuicer
which is the default gnome ripper does a good job when you're doing
things outside of rhythmbox.

External ripper... interesting.  Kind of defeats using Rhythmbox at all, doesn't it?
Ubuntu 8.04 installs Rhythmbox by default.  I've used SoundJuicer and Grip.  I was hoping for better.

From: "Joel Dimbernat" <joel dimbernat gmail com>

Maybe it could use profiles. I explain:
In the preferences window, you define encoding bitrate and folder for music and for audiobooks.
When you put the cd in and choose to rip it, you're asked if it's an audiobook or music, and rhythmbox encodes it as its best.
Maybe even rhythmbox can guess whether it's an audiobook or an album by itself. I dunno much about audio books, but I guess it's single track so we could assume that single track cds are audiobooks. It's maybe in the tags that you get from musicbrainz.

I'm familiar with Preferences (as indicated above).  I'd still like a simple/easy way to select bitrate, etc.  Maybe a Profiles configuration within Preferences (bitrate, folder hierarchy, filetype, etc.), and a drop-down list from the main interface to choose a Profile...

What you're suggesting sounds nice, but way beyond my programming skills.  That's why I brought this to the forum in the first place.


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