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Charlotte Curtis ha scritto:
> Oops!  That is a serious oversight on my part - it is an unwieldy
> number of files, and they are supposed to be in
> ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/inthemood.  Line 246 of should read
> "vecfile = os.path.join(self.vecfolder,
> self.escape_vecfile_name(entry))" instead of simply "vecfile =
> self.escape_vecfile_name(entry)".  I'll change it, along with a few
> other things that have very kindly been brought to my attention, and
> hopefully all those files don't bring your system to a grinding halt.
> Charlotte

Ok, after the entire night of populating inthemood database and some
short tests, here my firsts commentaries:

1. with a huge music collection (> 150Gb), inthemood takes about 2.5
minutes after playing each songs, in order to find the next one (not in
predictive mode).

2. after the begin of each song Rhythmbox GUI freezes for (at least)
5-10 seconds (all plugins are disabled except for Last-fm, that usually
does not make Rhythmbox freeze, but I will try to test inthemood without
it), I think in order to find next song

3. I started from an HipHop song, and after 9 songs I listened Loosing
My Religion! I know that it is not a "genre basis" similarities, but
this result made me a bit surprised.

Here the list of songs (anyway, if Charlotte needs it, I can send him
all .vec files in order to have a look at them):

	Group				Title	
a.	3ème Oeil			La vie de reve grand tourism
b.	Blankass			Celui que j'aimefrancais
c.	John Scofield			Offspring
d.	Michael Jackson feat. Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep	Smooth 									
e.	Guns'N'Roses			Hair of the dog
f.	Michael Jackson feat. Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep	Smooth 									
g.	Lord Kossity						Vanity
h.	Sting & The Police					If you 							love somebody let them free
i.	REM				Losing my religion

I've just done another test and here the results:

a.	The Chemical Brothers		09. Hey Boys, Hey Girl
b.	Chemical Brothers		hey boys, hey girl
c.	The Chemical Brothers		Hey Boys Hey Girl
d.	David Bowie			Here comes the night	
e.	Real Life			Send me an angel
f.	Sum41				Motivation
g.	Patty Pravo			A modo mio

What I can see from this preliminary test is that:

4. control based on id3 tags in order to avoid to play the same song,
does not work as expected (see first sequence with Michael Jackson), or
is not so smart to understand that there is an id3 issue (see second
sequence with The Chemical Brothers).

5. as anticipated before, inthemood results surprised me a lot because
it finds similarities between songs I'd really never suppose. :)

However, this is just a 0.1 release... so I'm already waiting for next

enjoy, ;)

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