Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] In the mood: predictive playback for Rhythmbox

> Claudio Saavedra ha scritto:
>> El mié, 23-07-2008 a las 20:54 +0200, giopas escribió:
>>> ps: at the end of .vec creation, can I move all 32567 .vec files
>>> somewhere (like ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/inthemood-db)?
>> Move them to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/inthemood, that will make the plugin
>> work

Oops!  That is a serious oversight on my part - it is an unwieldy
number of files, and they are supposed to be in
~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/inthemood.  Line 246 of should read
"vecfile = os.path.join(self.vecfolder,
self.escape_vecfile_name(entry))" instead of simply "vecfile =
self.escape_vecfile_name(entry)".  I'll change it, along with a few
other things that have very kindly been brought to my attention, and
hopefully all those files don't bring your system to a grinding halt.


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