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Hi *,

Thanks to Charlotte help and a little bit of time, I've succeeded
compiling inthemood plugin. I've just started to populate inthemood db,
so I will keep an user feedback for... hopefully, next days (it depends
on inthemood population speed)! :D

However, I would like to post a quick Debian SID guide to make inthemood
and marsyas compile:

> #### 0. install dependecies [1]
> ~# aptitude install libarts1-audiofile libportaudio-dev libmad0-dev libvorbis-dev
> ~# ldconfig
> #### 0.1. download inthemood tarballs from
> #### 0.2. download marsyas tarballs
> ### because of a little bug, I used last available SVN source revision (2913):
> ~$ cd SVN
> ~/SVN$ svn co marsyas
> ### 1. install marsyas:
> ~$ cd SVN/marsyas-0.2.16
> ~/SVN/marsyas-0.2.16$ ./configure --with-mad --with-vorbis
> ~/SVN/marsyas-0.2.16$ make
> ~/SVN/marsyas-0.2.16# checkinstall
> ### 2. install inthemood
> ~$ cd SVN/inthemood
> ~/SVN/inthemood$ ./configure
> ~/SVN/inthemood$ make
> ~/SVN/inthemood# checkinstall

That's it!

Now I cross my fingers, hoping that my laptop will not burn! :D

Anyway, thanks for your work Charlotte.

enjoy, ;)

[1] maybe libarts1-audiofile is not really necessary, just try without
it, and if it fails, install it :D

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