Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Plugins

Christophe Fergeau ha scritto:

2008/2/15, Alexandre <airmind gmail com>:
I have done a few plugins for Rhythmbox, but only now I got to write about
them. I created a webpage at and posted
some info on them.

Looks great, thanks for sharing them! I guess you could mention them
on if you feel like



Hi Alexandre,

I've seen on your plugin-page that you're trying to implement:

# recommendations. This is much more complex then I first thought. I have most of what I want in my mind, but it will be hard to implement it all.

I don't know if you already know, but there is lastrythm plugin that seems to do the same thing you'd like to do:

Indeed such plugin works well, but at every new song it make rb hang for some seconds while is retrieving song's info. Maybe you could contact the author for integrate it with last-fm plugin, make your own changes (so that there is just one plugin for whole infos retrieved from, and you can just set if you want to search for current song recommendation, cover arts, etc... or not), and share it to us :)

Thanks for your work!

enjoy, ;)

ps: I've just read that you know about lastrhythm... so, what in particular your plugin would be different from lastrhythm in?

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