Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request : place on demand some artists under "Various artists"

>>>>> "RG" == Remi G  writes:

RG> Hi, I wondered where I could ask for a new feature so I do it
RG> here!  I love Rhythmbox, it's simple, efficient, but I'm using
RG> Amarok since a couple of years because of one feature : Amarok can
RG> displays some albums and artists under "Various artists".  For
RG> people like me who have a big collection and a lot of
RG> compilations, it really helps finding the music I want to
RG> listen. Actually, since I'm using Rhythmbox, I can't simply have
RG> an overview of my collection (too much artists) and it takes me
RG> too much time to find what I want... I even don't listen to a lot
RG> of band I like because I "don't see" them anymore!  Perhaps you
RG> will find my comment interesting!  Anyway, congratulation for the
RG> great job you are doing on Rhythmbox!

It is a long-standing feature request, but unfortunately, non-trivial
to do properly, see bug:


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