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Kevin Hunter ha scritto:
> At 6:36a -0400 on Fri, 01 Aug 2008, Tino Meinen wrote:
>>> if all of the song were analyzed, it could take days to complete 
>>> the library.
> Hmm.  Just doing some quick back-of-the-envelope calculation with the
> previously mentioned 150GB:

That was my case :D

> (1 song / 4 min) * (1 min / MB) * (1,024MB / GB) * 150GB = 38,400
> So, at an average length of 4 minute audio files and roughly 1 MB per
> minute, the above library had roughly 38,400 songs.

150.04Gb in my case are 32567 songs for a total lenghtime of 95 days, 17
 hours and 13 minutes

> My first thought is that there is *no way* someone will be able to
> listen to all those songs in a reasonable amount of time.

That's not a matter of listen all of that music, it's a matter of choose
what kind of music to listen.

That's because plugin like or in the mood are so usefull: to
help you listen the right music of YOUR library in the RIGHT order.

> Starting with that thought, as long as your code works and can
> complete audio file analysis *faster* than the wall clock equivalent of
> listening, who cares?

That's for sure. In fact, with my AMD 2600Mhz notebook O_O I've spent
something like 12-14 hours to create in the mood db (for 150Gb).
Honestly, that's not bad at all!

> I'm also curious what the hold up is from 2,500 to 38,500 songs.  If
> 2,500 is barely measurable, 38,500 should not take that much longer, eh?
>  Does analyzing a song depend on other songs?  Maybe the slowdown isn't
> your analysis routines but your lookup process?

That's it: during my (quick) tests I found that the problem seemed to be
on routine analysis, because of calculations to be performed
after/during each song. Just consider that inthemood file's total size
is Mb!

>> If a song could be analysed while you listen to it, then the 
>> database could be improved gradually as you go through your 
>> collection.

I don't think it is useful for two reasons:

1. because the aim of this plugin is to enqueue the "closest" available
song of the library, and if you add a lot of music at the time (i.e. a
discography) it's difficult that you will play all songs (for this
reason I always use shuffle playing mode) :D

> Hope my 2 cent musings are helpful.
> Kevin

my 2€ cents.

enjoy, ;)

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