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Charlotte Curtis ha scritto:
so it'd be important
> to be able to pause/restart the process on demand (which is something
> I've been meaning to add in anyway).

that's for sure.

> I'm starting to think it would be a good idea for the 'time analyzed'
> parameter to be a user-specified variable (maybe a slider between
> 'speed' and 'accuracy'), although the problem there is that a song
> that has had 30 seconds analyzed *cannot* be compared accurately to
> one that has had a minute analyzed, so if this parameter were changed,
> the whole library would have to be re-analyzed.

Based on my quick test, I will say that at the beginning it is important
to have an high degree of accuracy, even because sometimes results are
quite surprising (have a look at my test results)

> Yes, the slowdown is in the lookup process.  Right now it's a very
> simple brute-force approach - loop through all of the feature vectors
> and check against the current top match.  I thought this would be okay
> since it went very quickly on my system, but I might have to start
> doing some more complicated clustering or something to improve the
> speed.

QWhat I'm thinking is to create a db table that assign for each song a
number like in Kademlia network in order to show how much nodes are far
from me (10000000000011110000000000111110000000001111)... It's just an
Other 2€ cents...

enjoy, ;)

ps: concerning last email, what was the second reason? I've forgot it :D

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