Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Please don't use EasyTAG (was Re: Japanese support - solution)

Le mardi 04 septembre 2007 à 20:49 +0300, Mika Wahlroos a écrit :
> Andrew Conkling wrote:
> > On 9/3/07, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
> > 
> >> Yes, indeed.  I wish people wouldn't recommend using EasyTAG because
> >> it can't handle ID3 v2.4 (mainly because it still depends on the
> >> obsolete and no longer updated id3lib library).
> > 
> > This is only an issue with MP3s, yes?
> Please correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know, EasyTag actually 
> writes id3 tags even to ogg files, which is also wrong. It may not 
> immediately cause problems with Rhythmbox, though, but it's still not a 
> good idea.
> Mika

Not sure if it does it for ogg, I can only say it works, but flac is
another story. If you change metadata of a flac file from easytag it
will be mistakenly considered as mp3 by most applications that do not
actually read the content thereafter. I reported the bug to easytag
ml/whatever but never received acknowledgment of the problem.
Gilles Dartiguelongue <dartigug esiee fr>

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