Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Cover Art Size Issue

>>>>> "RP" == Richi Plana  writes:


RP> Same subdirectory. I had to rename all my "front.jpg" files to
RP> "cover.jpg" ... and now I discover it's not configurable, 8-|. And
RP> yes, it used to work.

RP> My music files are actually NFS mounted over the network, but I
RP> just tried as exercise to make a local copy. The same thing:
RP> cover.jpg wouldn't display but when I mogrify'd it to -quality 60
RP> -size 500x500, RB would display it.

Sounds like a bug.  Did you check bugzilla?  If not, file it.

RP> BTW, I'm just assuming it's the size of the file that's the
RP> difference, but I'm not certain. It could be the quality or
RP> dimension ... or some different encoding. *shrug*. Would the devs
RP> want a copy of one of my cover.jpg files that won't display?
RP> Better yet, could you teach me how to debug?  --

You can run rhythmbox in debug mode with:

rhythmbox -d

or if you want to filter on specific keywords, e.g., "foobar", within
the debugging output you can use:

rhythmbox -D foobar

In your case you could filter on the artdisplay plugin using:

rhythmbox -D artdisplay


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