Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Alarm clock plugin

>>>>> "b" == bgarret   writes:

b> Hello list, I need my daily fix of tunes in the morning, it
b> prevents me from being grumpy for several hours. I was a bit
b> disappointed when I realized that Jon Oberheide's alarm clock
b> plugin didn't work anymore (I believe this is related to the switch
b> from a flat source list to the actual one).

b> I decided to fix this, gathered my non-existent python coding
b> skills and here is the result:

That sounds great, so does this mean you also indirectly fixed this

(which is prerequisite for this going into SVN as noted here:


Can you attach this change (preferably in diff against current SVN
trunk) to the open bugzilla enhancement request as well as your
comments, so it doesn't get lost?


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