[Rhythmbox-devel] Alarm clock plugin

Hello list,

I need my daily fix of tunes in the morning, it prevents me from being
grumpy for several hours. I was a bit disappointed when I realized
that Jon Oberheide's alarm clock plugin didn't work anymore (I believe
this is related to the switch from a flat source list to the actual

I decided to fix this, gathered my non-existent python coding skills
and here is the result:


Random observations:

* It is only possible to choose from the playlists as I don't know how
to determine if a source is playable or not. For those wanting to play
the whole library, it is rather easy to set up a bogus playlist
containing all tracks.

* I tested it on one computer only, it works for me but don't be
surprised if something breaks. As I said before, I'm not exactly a
python wizard.

* The playlist source is not available when the plugin activates, I
set up a glib timer to check for its presence every 5 sec. If this is
not the right way to do it, feel free to yell at me ;-)

* This check is done by looking for a source named 'Playlists'. This
doesn't work with versions localized in a language other than english.
Can someone tell me either another way to look for the playlists
source or how can I translate the string?

That's all folks,
Love from Paris


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