[Rhythmbox-devel] The concept of following symlinks


I recently came across one issue with RB following symlinks. Not
really a problem but I'd like to hear some opinions.
Totally correctly RB identifies symlinks to files in the music library
and does not add them repeatedly. However with symlinks to parent
directories this is different.

cd /path/to/library
ln -s artist/album/file1.ogg some/path/filename.ogg

and the file is imported into the RB data base once.

Example 2:
cd /path/to/library
ln -s artist/album artist/album2

and all the files in artist/album appear twice in the RB data base.
(Please don't think about the relevance of this example at the moment.
I just noticed.)

Is this intentional or is there just no policy how to deal with
symlinks right now?


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