Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] duplicate-format songs in library; speed of import

On 21/05/07, shivers ccs neu edu <shivers ccs neu edu> wrote:

   Is there some way to handle this issue? What I'd like is some way to
   say: if two tracks with different formats match on some specified set
   of metadata (e.g., title/artist/album/year), then just show me the track
   with the preferred format. Or something along those lines.

I had a similar problem with my library containing duplicate files in
different formats. I have a mixture of flac/ogg/mp3, but a lot of the
mp3s are duplicates of the others (for my iPod), so I created a
directory called "all" and wrote a shell script to symlink all my
music files into all, then prune all the duplicates with the
preference order flac>ogg>mp3. I just point Rhythmbox at the "all"
directory, et voila, no duplicates. :-) This works quite well for me.

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