[Rhythmbox-devel] Cover/back view feature req.


I'm a big fan Rhythmbox and I like the cover "viewer" very much.

In my music collection I have the cover image saved as "cover.jpg" and
the back image (back/rear of the CD) saved as "back.jpg". The only way I
can view the back.jpg is to navigate my collection with Nautilus.

Feature request:
Would it be possible to have the cover viewer display the "back.jpg"
when someone click/"mouse scroll" on the cover view area? It would be
nice with some kind of visual effect like vertical "flip" around the
center axis of the image.

Any other suggestion is welcome?

Is there a image standard set for Rhythmbox? I know of cover.jpg? Is
there something like cd.jpg, inlay.jpg, or back.jpg? If not, how about
defining some of these rules?

Peter Bach
Danish translator

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