[Rhythmbox-devel] Lyrics Plugin

Hi everyone:

As Rhythmbox is my favorite music player and lyrics plugin wasn't as
useful as I needed, I decided to make some improvements to it, so it
could fit my needs.

I took essentially the source code from rhythmbox 0.10 source tree and
modified it to be able to:

+ Search lyrics from lyrc.com.ar and lyrics.astraweb.com in adition to

+ Have greater control on good matches for lyrics, issuing a "no
suitable lyric found" message on cases where there is no good match (as
far as my code can tell...) 

+ Add the ability to edit, clear and re-search lyrics (not truly useful,
as you may judge)

With some things in mind for the future:

- Add config dialog for controlling lyrics directory

- Add some other websites perhaps

I really just copied code from amarok sources, translated it from ruby
to python (not that hard...), and the existing one from rhythmbox
sources and added up some little things.

I don't know very well how to code in python nor pygtk, I just learned
by example from other code and the pygtk tut, so maybe its not very
efficient or something, but it works good, at least for me.

Hope this can help all the rhythmbox user community.

I'm sending it just as I finished coding it, notices and the like need
to be added, no intention to remove credit from anyone, just don't know
what to put int the #' heading on source files. Help appreciated.

I await your response and hope you like it.



Sirio Bola� Mexico.
vorstar mac com

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