Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Organization in Rhythmbox

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Linux & Rhythmbox, I've already tried an aweful lot
of different music library managers (on Windows, I used Mediamonkey)
and while I first thought Banshee was the one I'd stay with, I'm now
back to using Rhythmbox, which is better for my way of browsing music
and then playing it (without creating playlists).

I've browsed the archives and just stumbled across this post and
thought I'd add my two cents.

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 13:44:47 -0800 Justin wrote:

> I think album artist is just a much more logical way of organizing
> songs than artist is, since a lot of times a CD has tracks by
> different artists, but the CD itself is organized by a single group.
> (A common example: 'Diana Ross' vs. 'Diana Ross and the Supremes' on
> a CD of Diana Ross' Greatest Hits.)

I agree completely - thinking of compilations as well, were the album
artist is most likely "Various artists".

What I'd love to see would be a "normal" naming scheme and a "Various
artists" naming scheme. That way, compilations could be easily stored
in a single directory (I think iTunes has a config switch in its track
properties "this track is part of a compilation", or something like
that to achieve that).

Organizing a collection when it becomes larger (I have "only" about
10.000 songs in my collection) is not easy if you want to keep it tidy
and easily accessible not only from the music manager, but also from
the file system level. I have my collection organized in a directory
structure like that:

   +abba (no, I don't have abba in my collection!:-)
   +beatles, the
   +bee gees (hehe)

 various (compilations, by record label)
   +order odonata 1
   +ambient diary 1
   +dub backups 2

Mediamonkey allowed me to keep this naming scheme completely automated
as soon as an album was propperly tagged. It can use "complex" naming
schemes that could even include "if...then...else" clauses (oh yes, I
*did* struggle with it until I had it working perfectly for me, but
after that it saved me so much time).

Just sharing the thought for the moment of course. :-)

Alexander (

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