Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] playlist from filesystem?

>>>>> "JH" == Jim Harney  writes:

JH> hello rhythmbox!  i have my music collection organized on the
JH> filesystem in folders.

JH> example: /music/genre/artist/album

JH> and i would like the ability to use my filesystem as the playlist.
JH> amarok has this functionality with it's "files" left vertical tab.

JH> if this functionality exists (plugin?) do you know where i can
JH> find it?  if this functionality does not exist, please consider
JH> this a feature request.

I really don't quite know what you are getting at here.  Can you post
a link to a description or screenshot of what you mean by using the
filesystem as a playlist?  e.g. post a link to a screenshot of this
amarok feature?


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