Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source groups

>>>>> "WJM" == William Jon McCann  writes:

> Hi everyone, We just committed source groups support to SVN
> trunk.

In general, I really like this patch, it's useful to be able to group
(and hide) sources easily and makes the sidebar more manageable.
Great work.

My main (and really only) concern is that it removes the ability to
re-order the playlists within the playlist group.  Currently in the
current release and stable 0.10 branch it is possible to re-order
playlists by drag-and-drop according to the user's preference.  As it
stands, this patch removes that ability and always sorts them

Willam Jon notes a couple reasons in the bug why he thinks this is
desirable: one is that it sorts playlists in a consistent order.
However, I would much prefer that it remain possible to re-order them
(at least retain a gconf option) because alpha ordering sometimes is
not desirable and I'd like to group in a particular way that doesn't
involve a naming convention based on alpha ordering.  

However, I recognise that I may be a lone voice in this request, so
I'd also like to get some feedback from other users as to whether they
would also miss this feature.  Do you use this feature?

Lastly, regarding the issue of the extra real estate taken up by the
group names, I wonder if it might be possible to have a "compact"
display mode much like Gaim's "Show/Hide Buddy Details" in the "Buddy
List" window which when buddy details are "hidden" makes the icons and
font smaller allowing numerous buddies and chats to be visible in the
Buddy List.


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