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It seems the density of information has decreased with this. I'd say
the more thing can be seen without vertical scroll the better.


On 2/28/07, Mika Wahlroos <mpw iki fi> wrote:
William Jon McCann wrote:

 > We just committed source groups support to SVN trunk.

Looks quite nice. I particularly like being able to hide certain groups,
such as music stores and other online services while still being able to
view them very easily and quickly when needed.

As a downside the source list now takes up more space vertically than it
used to, and I think it's quite large already even with a relatively
small number of playlists. It's particularly evident to me since I don't
have a very high resolution display and because I'm a heavy user of the
play queue and like to keep it in the sidebar. The option to hide groups
alleviates this a little, though.

 > Give it a try and let us know what you think.

One nice addition would be to save the status of the groups so that
collapsed groups would also appear collapsed the next time RB is started.

I'm also not completely sure if it's a good idea to forcibly show import
errors and missing files as separate entries in the source list. They
used to be hidden as subcategories under the Library source but now at
they are are very visibly shown directly in the source list.

I get a few import errors every time Rhythmbox is started due to a
couple of text files (lyrics) and a pdf file residing in the music
directory hierarchy. That's preventable, at least in my particular case,
but the behaviour is similar for missing files, and that may not be so
good. Many people may have non-persistent tracks, such as those on
remote hosts (accessed over GnomeVFS, for example) or removable drives,
and while it's a good idea to allow the user to find out which tracks
are currently (and perhaps temporarily) unaccessible, I'd prefer not to
have it forcibly shown to me all the time.

Generally, though, looks cool.



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