Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MusicBrainz for Album Covers, was: Local file support for Album Covers

This sounds like a very interesting addition to RB's album art plugin...

Andrew Conkling wrote:
Any plans to pull this from MusicBrainz when the tracks are already
tagged as such?

When you say "suitably tagged" do you know what tags Banshee uses to determine the album cover? I would guess the MusicBrainz DiscID should be used:

Do you have some suitably tagged example files (even silent dummy tracks would be great for testing)?

According to these blog posts, the MusicBrainz covers come from Amazon anyway - but using MusicBrainz's cover mapping would probably be better than a simple Amazon search:

I guess we could use the MusicBrainz XMLWebService to get the release information - in particular the Amazon ASIN (which we then use to get the correct cover from Amazon):

> After noticing that Banshee pulled the right cover all
the time when it was set on MBz, I was disappointed to find that
Rhythmbox was doing its own (often incorrect) search.

Looking here, at the Banshee Album-Art plugin, I can see no mention of MusicBrainz:

So I guessed this might be done by the "Metadata Searcher" plugin, but looking at the source to this plugin maybe not...

Could you give some more information about how album cover art works in Banshee with MusicBrainz?


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