Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Local file support for Album Covers

On 1/23/07, Ed Catmur <ed catmur co uk> wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 06:40 -0800, Gerald B. Cox wrote:
> Saw the announcement where this was added in release 0.9.6.
> Loaded the Fedora RPM for 0.9.7 and don't understand how to activate.
> When I select the configure plugin dialog the configuration option is
> not selectable.
> I was thinking that Local File support meant that you could use the
> cover art you had locally stored rather than going out to the internet
> to retrieve, but didn't see any further description of what this was
> intended to do.  Thanks, really like the application.

In 0.9.7 all the local file support does is to look in the folder the
tracks are in for image files with name
{cover,album,albumart,.folder,folder}.* (case insensitive).

Current svn adds drag-and-drop, and we're working on the UI for setting
art from image files elsewhere.

Any plans to pull this from MusicBrainz when the tracks are already
tagged as such? After noticing that Banshee pulled the right cover all
the time when it was set on MBz, I was disappointed to find that
Rhythmbox was doing its own (often incorrect) search.


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